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One of the strangest things about teeth grinding or bruxism is that most people aren’t aware that they do it because it happens subconsciously when they’re asleep, or during the day when they’re concentrating or under stress.


There are several symptoms which may suggest that you regularly grind your teeth. These include:

  • Facial pain
  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Disrupted sleep (for you and/or your partner)
  • Stiffness and pain in your jaw joint
  • A grinding sound coming from your mouth while sleeping
  • And in more severe cases, worn down teeth or damaged fillings.
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It’s hard to say exactly why you’re grinding your teeth, but one thing we do know for sure is that it’s linked with other symptoms such as anxiety, sleeping disorders, or stress.

  • Stress and anxiety – This is one of the most common reasons for teeth grinding and often occurs during the night when you’re asleep.
  • Medication – Certain types of medication can also cause a person to clench or grind their teeth. This includes certain drugs prescribed for ADHD and depression.
  • Misaligned teeth – If your bite is uneven and your teeth don’t meet together properly, then this could also lead to teeth grinding.
  • Sleep disorders – If you have a tendency to snore, or indeed suffer from a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea, (where restricted airways often cause you to stop breathing intermittently while you’re asleep) then this too could be the reason why you grind your teeth.


But that’s not all… lifestyle choices can also cause bruxism. These include:

  • Smoking
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee (over 6 cups a day)


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for people to grind their teeth. Once we’ve discovered why you’re grinding your teeth, we can recommend the best bruxism treatment for you.

Treating Bruxism

If you think you’re grinding your teeth then it’s important to book an appointment with one of our experienced dentists in Cowes. A speedy diagnosis is a key to preventing serious damage.

Bruxism treatment is determined by what’s been causing you to grind your teeth and the extent of damage that may have occurred. If for instance, your bruxism is stress related then we may recommend cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you manage your situation better.

Often, simple techniques such as taking more exercise, learning muscle relaxation exercises, and changing your sleeping habits can also put a stop to teeth grinding.

Occlusal/Night Mouthguard for bruxism

In addition, one of the most common treatments we recommend for teeth grinders is to wear a mouth guard when they’re sleeping. This is custom made from an impression taken of your teeth to ensure a comfortable and effective night mouthguard. When worn regularly it helps alleviate pain and prevents any further damage to your teeth.


The sooner we diagnose it the quicker we can take effective action. Call Supreme Dental Cowes today on (03) 5952 2686 and let our caring professional dentists treat your teeth and alleviate your pain.

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