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Invisalign Aligners are as far removed from the metal ‘train track’ style teeth braces of old and give patients a truly discreet way of straightening teeth. One of the main problems with adult orthodontics is that people are put off because they picture themselves having to endure a mouth full of metal for months on end. With Invisalign clear braces, this isn’t the case.

You could say that Invisible braces in Melbourne aren’t really braces at all. Well… not in the true sense of the word anyway. Sure, they move teeth just like more conventional braces do, however:

  • They don’t contain brackets or wiring
  • They aren’t fixed permanently onto the teeth and…
  • They’re designed to be removable


But above all… they’re virtually invisible.

Invisalign aligners, plural

Note that when we talk about Invisalign clear braces we always talk about them in the plural sense. That’s because unlike any other form of teeth straightening system which utilises one fixed brace for the duration of the treatment, in the case of Invisalign, patients are given more than one. In fact, that number can be up to 30 or more depending on the type and length of treatment.

The reason patients are given a whole bunch of them isn’t because they might lose a few. Instead, it’s because each clear brace aligner is designed to be worn in sequence for a period of 2-3 weeks only. Then, just like a disposable contact lens, it’s discarded and replaced by the next one in the series.


So how do they work?

Whether you opt for standard Invisalign, Invisalign Teen or Invisalign i7, each aligner is designed to move the teeth a tiny fraction. Typically that’s around 1/10mm per aligner. The idea being that when one aligner has done its job, the next aligner in the series is ready to take over. This carries on for the duration of the treatment until all the aligners have been worn and you have perfectly aligned teeth.

Invisalign Braces Melbourne – Getting straight to the point!

Because each aligner (otherwise known as a tray) is made from a clear type of acrylic, they’re designed to be worn over the teeth just like an invisible gum shield. They resemble the plastic retainers you might have had after undergoing braces as a child. The difference being that while retainers are intended to prevent the teeth from moving, each aligner is precisely designed to allow your teeth to shift just enough to fit into the tray. When the aligner has done its job, it’s removed and the next one takes over. For this reason, they’re made to be easily removed by the patient as they change aligners around.

Clear brace aligners – putting you firmly in control

Because conventional brace systems are permanently fixed to the teeth for the duration of a treatment you may have to limit what you eat particularly with regards to sticky chewy sweets such as caramel, nuts or hard candy that may cause damage to your braces; as well as sugary starchy foods that generate plaque acid. While this might not be a bad thing, your food cravings are at the mercy of your braces.

On the contrary, Invisalign aligners are designed to be removed. In fact, it’s actively encouraged to take them out before you eat and drink anything but water. This means that you always have control of what you eat. You can also remove them for special occasions like a lunch date if you wish. That said, ideally, aligners still need to be worn for between 20-22 hours a day to be effective, so patients do need to be disciplined in wearing them. Failure to do so might incur lengthier treatment times.

So now you know the advantages of Invisalign clear braces and how they differ from other brace systems, how does the process work?

Digital planning

After an initial meeting with the team, we’ll create a unique digital plan that will map out the exact movement of your teeth. This means that you get to see a virtual image of what your teeth will look like upon completion. Each aligner will be designed to apply just the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

Invisalign aligner fitting

After a few weeks wait, you’ll be called back to our practice where your customised Invisalign aligners will be ready and waiting. We’ll fit the first one for you and show you how to remove it and replace it yourself. Unlike conventional braces, fitting takes a fraction of the time. We’ll also be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have and show you how to take care of your teeth during your Invisalign treatment.

Finally, Regular Checks

You may be asked to come in from time to time so that we can monitor progress and to ensure the treatment is on track, but apart from that, you’re free to carry on with your daily routine. Simple, easy, no-hassle dental treatment for straightening teeth!

If you’re interested in Invisalign braces in Melbourne as a form of teeth straightening and want to find out about any other information such as Invisalign cost, then contact us here at Supreme Dental Cowes. Call today on (03) 5952 2686 and talk to a member of our experienced team who can help.

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